Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

Not just for women, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, also known as BHRT, is becoming the most asked for solution to menopausal AND Andropausal (male menopause) symptoms. It is also used in longevity medicine as a “fountain of youth”, but in our experience, patients eventually tire of taking the hormones at such high levels needed to maintain that youthful appearance and vigor.

The great appeal of Bio-identical hormones is that they are natural, and our bodies can metabolize them as if they were our own, minimizing side effects. Synthetic hormones are quite strong and often produce intolerable side effects. Furthermore, the compounded Bio-identical hormones can be matched individually to each person’s needs – something that’s just impossible with mass-produced products.

We use an individualized approach with all of our patients. Usually, we begin with laboratory tests of hormone levels. These tests may be done with blood or saliva. When warranted, we then prescribe a precise dosage of Bio-identical Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, and/or DHEA that is made by a compounding pharmacy. Each patient is then monitored carefully to ensure we get symptom relief at the lowest possible dosage. In some cases, we will need to do a hormone panel every three months. Once balance is restored, we’ll test hormones once a year to confirm proper hormone levels.

We long ago concluded that Bio-identical hormones are safer than synthetic hormones (like PremPro, Premarin, and Provera). But that doesn’t mean Bio-identical hormones can’t cause problems. Hormonal problems can occur with ANY imbalance, whether the hormones are synthetic or natural.

The great majority of people can rebalance their hormones without the use of drugs. We have found that about 85% can find relief through an approach that combines medical-grade nutritional supplements, endocrine (thyroid and adrenal) support, and dietary and lifestyle changes. We recommend that everyone needing hormone replacement start with this combination approach as a foundation of health.

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