About Edgar Cayce

Considered by many to be the father of modern holistic medicine, Edgar Cayce produced a tremendous legacy of information about the human body. This information included beneficial oils, healthful tonics, meditation, rejuvenating remedies, spiritual principles, and more. The information was intended to help the body’s own healing mechanisms achieve a balance between body, mind, and spirit. For over 70 years people have testified to the helpfulness of this information in maintaining health and restoring the body to balance and well being.

Edgar Cayce TucsonWhat is Edgar Cayce Medicine?

Edgar Cayce Medicine is naturopathic medicine (nutrition, homeopathy, physical medicine, exercise, and botanical medicine) using specific Cayce remedies. These remedies include things like: Atomidine, castor oil, the charred oak keg, Glycothymoline/Alka-Thyme, Ipsab, etc.

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