General Family Practice

As a general family practitioner, Dr Elizabeth Grady is a physician who provides primary care and sees all members of the family. Sometimes, seeing other family members and their health issues sheds light on an otherwise murky health problem. This also becomes important when using Homeopathy, as miasms occur through the family line, like a genetic disease.

As a general practitioner she treats acute and chronic illnesses and provides preventive care and health education for all ages and both sexes. Dr Elizabeth Grady is trained in treating people with multiple health issues and comorbidities. She will work with you at whatever level you are comfortable with – completely natural, completely allopathic (e.g. drugs), or a combination of the two.

Dr Elizabeth Grady works with all health conditions, EXCEPT those requiring oncology and obstetrics. She will work with patients requiring these specialties as long as they have a primary provider handling those issues.

Dr. Grady now offers hCG diet & weight loss plans: